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Cool My Italian Mistress Has Moved In

After many months of waiting, my Italian mistress moved in with us yesterday. I have to say that I have a very understanding wife, as she had watched me on the Internet every day for the past couple of years checking out the lines on the Alfa Romeo 4c Spider and her sister the 4c Coupe. I must have watched every video, read every report & admired thousands of pictures. Now my wife has welcomed my mistress into our home – I had thought there would have been more rivalry, maybe a bit of cat-fighting and a lot more jealousy, but so far things are working out well.

I don’t speak any Italian, so we have had to resort to sign language and interpreting body language; so far I have managed to find out the following:

Her full name is Isabella – but her friends call her Bella.

She’s a red-head, but not just any red – she’s a competizione red head.

Her Grandmother once had an affair with a Ferrari Dino – a romance that is still recognised with the unofficial family crest – a quadrifoglio proudly worn on the side of Ferrari F1 cars even today. They are a romantic bunch the Italians.

Bella’s own mother had an affair with a Porsche GT 3 and brought great shame to the family – so much so that Bella’s mother was sent away to the cousins place, the Maserati family at Modena in northern Italy, where the beautiful but illegitimate love-child Isabella was born.

The Alfa family couldn’t stay mad at them for very long – once they saw how beautiful Isabella was, they welcomed her and her mother back with open arms.

Bella has grown up and now decided to migrate to Australia to be with her new family and I look forward to learning to speak and think in Italian as we get to know each other.

First impressions: she is even more beautiful than her profile pictures & videos. She has curves in all the right places and is athletically slim at the same time. She has rock-star presence when she enters the room and all that see her nod in approval.

A lot of the motoring journalists don’t know what they are talking about – this is a beautiful car & I can’t see any flaws, maybe I’m just blinded by love.

I have been asked if she is a Zonda – I smiled and said ‘no – This is an Alfa Romeo 4c Spider’. I’m beginning to understand what you guys have been talking about on this forum for a number of years – this car brings smiles to people’s faces and gives them permission to comment, bringing out the child in all of us.

I am currently locked in all weather and natural modes – and they have enough performance for now – we don’t need to rush things as we get to know each other.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this relationship develops.

For now I can’t get this stupid grin off my face.


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