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Originally Posted by kazkioken View Post
The moment I get back from tomorrow's drive will package up my ECU to send for an upgrade...that is an incredible price for the upgrade btw, thank you for supporting us
I disagree if the website is correct. It looks like the Phase 2 is the same price as the Phase 1. That is, we could've waited and picked up a Phase 2 ECU for the same price as the Phase 1. If that is the case, I feel taken advantage of for believing in the company and being an early adopter. Other companies/platforms offer increasing stages for free. Heck, APR on my MK7 GTI platform, one of the most consistently expensive tuners in the industry, cut the early adopters a deal for their MK7 GTI tune and offered a stage 2 upgrade for free to early stage 1 purchasers. I am not saying that EC should do this, although I certainly wouldn't complain, but am saying that they should not penalize faithful customers with their pricing schemes.

Perhaps the website is not optimized or I am otherwise incorrect. I certainly hope so. Chris, if I am out of line please let me know.

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