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Hi Meishka1.

Thank you.

In a certain way I can understand your answer.

On the other hand, an English-language sub-forum for Germans does not make sense, since there is also in Germany a (German-) 4C forum for example.

Otherwise there will not be much traffic in this subforum.

But maybe there is a German-speaking moderator, which accepts both sides (and languages) and meets your forum rules.

That would be a good solution in my opinion.

It is naturaly and ultimately your decision, without question.

For the other forum areas of course the English spoken word is also valid without restriction.

Only my 2 pence...

Auf eine bestimmte Art und Weise kann ich Deine Antwort verstehen.

Andererseits macht so ein englischsprachiges Unterforum für Deutsche keinen Sinn, da es z. B. auch in Deutschland ein eigenes (deutsches) 4C-Forum gibt.

Ansonsten wird in diesem Unterforum sicher nicht viel geschehen.

Aber vielleicht findet sich ja ein deutschsprachiger Moderator, der beide Seiten (und Sprachen) kennt und der Euren Forenregeln entgegenkommt.

Das wäre meine Erachtens eine gute Lösung.

Es ist natürlich und letztlich Eure Entscheidung, ohne Frage.

Für die anderen Forenbereiche gälte natürlich das englischsprachige Wort ohne Einschränkung.

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Mein lieber Moses,
Ich verstehe ziemlich viel Deutch (lesen kann ich, aber spreschen und schreiben kommt mir schwieriger).
Wir haben vielleicht 100 Deutch Sprecher hier. Und ungefaer 3,200 die Englisch verstehen.
Es gibt schon ein Deutsches 4C Forum. Hier unterhalten wir uns hauptsaechlich auf English, und jetzt gehe ich in diese Sprache weiter...

(Dear Moses,
I understand a fair bit of German (I can read it but find speaking and reading more difficult).
We have perhaps 100 German speaking members, and approximately 3,200 who understand English.
There is already a German 4C forum. Here, we speak mainly English and I'll continue in that language...)

I'm continuing exclusively in English because that was really hard for me, and I likely made lots of mistakes in the process. But I wanted to make you feel welcome. We do appreciate you participation here, and your opinions.

There are a few points which I would like to add to what your other moderator has already said on the language topic, though.
First off, there are over 6,000 languages spoken on earth, and we have enough trouble moderating the board in just one.
There has recently been a German user who used the language to insult others and stirr up trouble here (he thought with impunity). He's been banned, but there are more than a few of us here who are still smarting from that episode.
More importantly, the population here is overwhelmingly English speaking, and we use these pages as a resource. In that respect, having information posted in different languages serves to (in my opinion) reduce the usefulness of this facet of the forum.
Many users browse this forum using the 'New Posts' and Active Topics' functions. Having a number of foreign languages show up in that list tends to turn away those English-speaking users - as previously mentioned, our primary membership base.

We welcome all, and we haven't had to enforce any "rule" here for the exclusive use of English. But as a courtesy to, and for the benefit of others, we ask that you do so. A word of encouragement, or a greeting in another user's native language is probably welcome, but I would discourage entire posts or topics that way.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Count Biscione.
Respect the Snake

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If there is a 4C forum in German elsewhere, as there are for Italian and Spanish I understand, I think this should be the English language forum. I've responded to initial posts in Italian as a courtesy in the past, but that's it. I don't want to suggest that anyone is less welcome than anyone else here, the place we collectively celebrate our enthusiasm for the 4C. But, as the last regular Mod to chime in, I'm with the other two Mods on this one.

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Thank you.

As I said:

it is naturaly and ultimately the decision of the mods, no doubt.

And I did not know the prehistory.....

It was only an idea, to attractivate the sub-forum.

No problem at all.

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